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We will help you show the beauty of science and tell your story in a comprehensive and compelling manner.


Cover design

Enhance the recognition and impact of your publication with a cover journal image illustrating your research.

We will create an appealing artistic illustration for your scientific finding fitting the target journla style.

You can submit your cover page illustration for most of the scientific journals after your publication is accepted. Please, discuss this possibility with the journal editor before creating the image.

The illustration can combine different types of images including protein and other molecule models, photographic pictures, vector graphics and paintings.

3D medical and scientific animations

Visualize the mechanisms of drug delivery and action, dysfunctions of organs, cancer development and treatment, function of medical devices and more.

3D models

Create a 3D model suitable for printing, virtual or augmented reality, or visualizing your subject.

We can produce a 3D model following your design, keeping precisely the dimensions, or develop new shapes and structures based on your descriptions and available references.

bacteria communication2.png

Scientific 3D images

Combine science with a stunning design for your presentations for clients, investors, and professional websites.

We will transform your ideas into meaningful and beautiful pictures that can be used in both digital and printed formats.

Graphical abstracts and vector illustrations

Use an appealing graphical abstract as a visual summary in your publication to attract more attention and improve understanding of your work.

Artboard 1_4x.png

Educational videos

Explain the mechanisms of complex processes inside living organisms

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